Mega Stars at The Great Moscow Circus

by Editor on 12 October 2016
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Every great circus must have a Ringmaster and the Great Moscow Circus has the best!

Mr Stanislav Kniazkov is a graduate of the famed Moscow City School of Circus Arts, and comes to South Africa on December 22 after a brilliant guest season with Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey where he became an audience favourite across The United States.

The Great Moscow Circus will open its South African season at Johannesburg’s Montecasino on 22 December, before setting off to tour the country, taking in Cape Town. Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Tickets are on sale at Computicket from R195 to R595.

“Stas” is an accomplished juggler, a very funny comic, and a warm and welcoming traditional ringmaster. Now he introduces his troupe of circus superstars, introduces the 2017 Moscow Circus programme, and welcomes you to two hours of fabulous entertainment.

The Russian Clown that even the clowns laugh at – Dmitri Shindrov.  
This clown is a one man circus!  Hilariously funny, an inheritor of the great Russian clowning tradition – think of Popov, Nikulin, Diamandi – now Shindrov adds his name to the pantheon of clever, traditional,  loveable clowns – a clown who speaks all languages without saying a word … he pops in and out of the programme several times and is always a joy to laugh with.

The Catwall Trampoline – one of the new wave world circus acts.  Guest stars from Canada: five talented, amazingly agile performers.  Duo trampoline and a spectacular glass wall – truly off the wall.

Hand Balancer – Andrey Katkov- Eye-popping, seemingly impossible, quirky and unusual.
Juan Pablo Martinez – from Mexico.  A brilliant young performer in huge demand around the world, from The Swiss National Circus- Knie, to Billy Smart’s famous UK Circus.

Who Can Skip? -  From the playground to the world’s most famous circus ring – fast and furious and lots of fun – and isn’t that the biggest, longest skipping rope you’ve ever seen?   You’d have to say the Russians invented “Mega Skipping”.

Stas & Vas - A comic interlude…. nothing but good hearted fun!
Quick Change Transformation - Sixto and Lucia - Don’t blink or you’ll miss this amazing act – beautiful costumes, one then another and another and yet another. Illusion or magic?  A trick or a sleight of hand? You’ll be puzzled and thoroughly entertained.   All the way from Havana, Cuba.

Horizontal Bar – The Magolas … taking Olympic skills to new levels – superb athletics – gold medal standards.  The Ukraine’s brightest stars.
The Marionette-Vitali Kazak and Dariia… A lyrical, theatrical delight. Something new for the Circus art. Modern circus at its best

The Giant Wheel – The Diorio Boys –If you think you’ve seen the Giant Wheel before – think again!  Not on one double wheel, but two!  Exclusive to the 2017 Great Moscow Circus.  An amazing piece of precision-built circus equipment – spinning at a furious pace, with four fearless acrobats truly risking their all to bring an act that will have South Africa talking for years.  Over four tonnes of spinning, shining chrome – looks difficult and looks dangerous!  And it really, truly is.  These four boys are circus royalty, admired by audiences and their fellow artists alike.

The Giant Trapeze – Leader:  Artem Shykavets.   Those daring young men on the flying trapeze are a band of pirate look-a-likes from Belarus – flying high above the circus ring, performing passes, somersaults and marvellous aesthetically beautiful and always dangerous feats.

The Rubber Man – Emin Abudllaev - Weird, wonderful, eye-popping and totally amazing.  From far-away Dagestan, the most exotic corner of the world.

Acrobats at a million miles an hour on the Fast Track!!  The Rubtsov Troupe.
The biggest act in the show – one of the premiere troupes of the Great Moscow Circus.   Lead by Sergei Rubtsov – he makes it looks easy but in reality its danger personified.  Timing, team work, training – all in a whirlwind of non-stop acrobatic action.

Rolla Bolla – Sascha Williams - Edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting tension.  Higher and higher he goes, balancing one cylinder on another – hold your breath, don’t move … the slightest slip could spell disaster.

The Globe of Death – The Finale! - Just as you thought you couldn’t take any more – the Great Moscow Circus brings you the biggest Globe of Death Motorcycle act ever to hit these shores.  Not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE speeding motorbikes, trapped in the same steel globe – how can they possibly survive?

But wait – there’s more – the startling finale will remain in your memory for ever – every time you hear a racing, revving motorcycle, you’ll remember the day you saw the world’s most dangerous, death-defying circus act.

CURTAIN DOWN And then it’s all over.  The Ringmaster brings back all the performers.  The beautiful girls, the handsome high flyers, the daredevils, the clowns, the acrobats and illusionists – and you will wish it would all start all over again…

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